The 'One Stop' answer to your security audit and risk management requirements

Implement role based access provisioning and audit the security settings of your operating systems and databases directly from your local PC.  

Easy to use, cost-effective and fast.

Requires very little technical knowledge.

Uses snapshot extracts, there is no software to load on the host system.

Provides a complete view of authorised access rights and actual security settings.

With Joret Software and Security Detective

Review UNIX, Windows, OS/400, OpenVMS, Oracle and Sybase with just one application.

Automate daily, weekly and monthly security audit reviews.

Identify key exposures at a glance using graphical summaries and reports which include risks and recommended actions.

Benchmark the security of all your systems against your corporate security policy.

Highlight changes in security controls by comparing snapshots to reduce the need for a full security audit review.