Audit and Compliance Monitoring - Overview

The Audit and Compliance module helps auditors and system administrators protect critical information assets by quickly identifying potential security exposures.

Information is an increasingly important asset to the business world.  Security controls over the integrity, availability and reliability of this information is of growing concern to companies today.  However the information required to assess the design and operation of these controls can often be difficult and costly to review.

The Security Detective approach automates and simplifies the information security review.  Security Detective is a software tool designed to assist risk managers and auditors in the review of security over computer systems.  This is a unique product in that it is non intrusive, there is no software to load on the target system and it cannot harm the configuration and performance of the computer system.

All systems operate on a similar basis, they must store security information in special files to be able to identify users, assign access rights and monitor violations.  Security Detective reads copies of these files and compares the system configuration information to the requirements of your corporate security policy.  It produces a series of easy to read reports and action plans to help manage the changes necessary to improve the overall control framework.

Audit and Compliance modules are currently available for Windows, UNIX, OS/400, OpenVMS and Oracle with modules for Sybase and SQL Server due later this year.  Security Detective can be configured for other systems to meet your particular needs by our experienced security consultants.