Audit and Compliance Monitoring - Features

Key Features of Security Detective include:

  • Intelligent software determines the appropriate security tests. Select from a library of over 200 customizable investigations that can be run individually, linked together or combined to produce a corporate security policy without any previous knowledge of system security.

  • Security Detective is completely non-intrusive.  There is no software to be installed on your corporate systems and therefore nothing that can slow the performance or damage the configuration.

  • Build statistical profiles of specific operating systems, departments and locations, and display through a simple to understand graphical interface.  Benchmark internally or against industry averages to identify the areas of greatest concern.

  • Save the snapshots as audit evidence and the provide ability to recreate results or perform further analysis at any time in the future.

  • Compare settings at two different dates to monitor improvements or to concentrate on additions, changes and deletions to avoid the need to review previously verified settings.

  • Security Detective provides complete flexibility in reporting as output can be exported to popular packages such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis or incorporation into your standard corporate presentations and documents.