Identity and Access Management - Overview

The Identity and Access module helps system administrators control the access rights of users across their operating systems, database and business applications from one application.

The timely and accurate allocation and removal of user access rights is a key control in securing your corporate Information.

When someone joins the company are they given the same system access rights as another member of staff in their department without any check on whether the access is actually appropriate?

Do staff retain their current access rights when they are promoted or transferred to another department without any check on the combinations of access rights that they will acquire or potential segregation of duties violations?

Do the the staff leaving procedures ensure that all access rights are removed?  Consider the information that could be accessed with the user account of an executive manager, payments clerk, or payroll supervisor that has left the company.  Consider the potential for unauthorised payments or transfer of money.

Security Detective helps design and manage a framework where users are assigned system access rights appropriate to their responsibilities.  Security Detective compares the actual rights allocated to those authorised to quickly and easily identify potential problems.