Helps system administrators manage  the access rights of users across all operating systems, database and business applications from one application.  Security Detective provides a simple and inexpensive tool to help implement role based provisioning and access control across the entire IT infrastructure

Identity and Access Management

helps auditors, risk consultants and system administrators protect critical information assets by quickly identifying potential security exposures across a range of popular systems.  Interface modules are currently available for Windows, UNIX, OS/400, OpenVMS and Oracle with Sybase and SQL Server due later this year.  Security Detective can be configured for other systems to meet your particular needs by our experienced security consultants

Audit and Compliance Monitoring

The 'One Stop' answer to your security audit and risk management requirements

Simple Solutions for a more secure environment

Joret Software Security Detective

Requires very little technical knowledge

No software to load on the host system

Easy to use, cost-effective and fast

Security Detective provides a set of tools to help manage and review user access to IT systems.  This is a PC based package with no need for executables on the host or target systems.  All the system access information required is extracted from the target systems using system commands then imported into Security Detective for conversion and analysis.  Security Detective provides a quick, easy and inexpensive way to improve your user access provisioning and compliance auditing.  There are two major component parts to Security Detective.